Long Range Wide Area Network
A wireless communication protocol designed for long-range communication between low-power devices.
It enables efficient communication over long distances while consuming minimal power, making it suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Universal LoRaWAN Smart Module


This module is deployable for multiple purposes, supporting various types of I/O inputs and outputs that can be custom programmed.
All components are fully IP67 rated and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

LoRaWAN Gateway


This gateway can connect thousands of Smart Modules in an area spanning up to 12 kilometers. It can be linked to our cloud via either a LAN connection or a mobile 4G connection. The gateway is fully IP67 rated and designed for installation on a pole or against a wall.

Cloud Solutions


Streamline your operations with our customized cloud solutions. Visualize and analyze your data to quickly identify and resolve faults, empowering your organization to optimize asset management efficiently.

Easily integrate your SCADA or third-party systems with our platform using a variety of protocols.